Images / Projections

I grabbed these images in rush of inspiration about projections. I want them to launch us into something new, something that hasn’t been done with projection yet, or something about projection on stage that hasn’t been fully realized. I don’t know what that might be, yet. But we’ll find it. I think the motif I see emerging here is the celebration of the body. Unlike with the vast majority of images we see in the media, we’ll be celebrating all bodies, not just bodies that look like Angelina’s and Brad’s.

I have this idea (I’m sure I stole it) that the sheer number of images we see every day has rendered all images meaningless. They don’t connect to reality any longer, they only reference themselves. This is not unlike the way Freud describes the relation of the conscious to the unconscious, no? The image is a conscious attempt to capture or represent the unrepresentable. It can only reference itself. Is this useful to us in some way? Is Hermia unable to create a satisfying image of herself because there are too many images to chose from? Is her flight into the forrest a flight from an image of herself created by her father and not an image created by herself?  Her punishment for disobedience to her father’s will is scheduled to come in four days, not now. It is a possible, an imaginary (imaged) life that she runs from. Any ideas on this? It’s the great unknown for me. Which is exactly where I want to go.
shaman_white_powderTranslucent_seedbonsai_treeskullsoberongirls dancingtech_gridprojection_on_bodyprojection_nude_coupleprojection_leopard


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