This blog is primarily for the cast, crew and other collaborators working on my production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream scheduled to go up in the Wyatt Pavilion on the UC Davis campus from February 24th to the 28th, 2010. However, I’ve invited UC Davis faculty, friends, fellow artists, and family to view it should they be – or suddenly become – interested in the process of making theatre – or at least how we all are working to make this piece of theatre. I’ve also made the blog public should anyone out there in the world who stumbles upon it find what we do interesting enough to read what we have to say and maybe add some thoughts of their own. What you find here may include:

  1. My thoughts on rehearsals, design, casting, Shakespeare, Midsummer, and the art of theatre.
  2. Comments made by collaborators working on various facets of the project. This might be a good way to keep us, as they say, all on the same page.
  3. Various types of images: sketches of set or costumes, images that are of inspiration to myself and the design team, images we might project on various surfaces of the set during the show.
  4. Video. This may be a great screening room for everyone who wants to see what we’ve shot and how it’s developing into something we’ll project.
  5. Interesting (or even boring) conversations.
  6. Scheduling and other types of business.

If you’re a friend, family member, or complete stranger and find yourself moved to post a comment, please do. All insights long and short are welcome. Most useful to us will be the insights that come in the spirit of serving Shakespeare’s play. If you’re working on the piece and find this blog to be of some use to you, visit, comment, post, think, post again. If that’s not your thing or you don’t have time. Cool.


One response to “ABOUT THIS BLOG

  1. John: I enjoyed reading through this. I am very excited to see you using a blog to communicate out/& exchange ideas regarding your production! –Peggy

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