Design Meeting, Nov. 18th


Gian Scarabino wrote: Some notes taken during Midsummer Design meeting, 18th Nov.

Bold text denotes response from TD Daniel Neeland


We are looking to have a projection screen in the Inner Above – as opposed to using the Above as a playing space.  The ideal dimension of the screen is 14′ wide, but we will have to get a projector in the space ASAP to see just how large we can make the image, and then we can determine the actual size of the screen.  In terms of screen build John specified muslin wrapped and stretched around a hogtroughed frame and with potential to screw into floor and ceiling.

As I recall we have a projector that will produce a large image while resting on the support beam upstage of the opening in the inner above.

In addition to the Inners Above and Below as well as the deck, we will want to paint the cheeks and associated elements to the edge of the stage “white,” or whatever specific variant of white is agreed upon, hereafter referred to as “white.”

Daniel ~ We would like to cover the exposed columns/supports in Wyatt with the existing hard surrounds, also to be painted white.  Do we still have coverage for all sides of all columns?

We have most of them, We will need to remake some that got damaged.

Daniel ~ How wide is the widest roll of muslin?  Ten or twelve feet?  For rehearsal on Tuesday, Nov 24th (Jenna or John Zibell, correct me if I am wrong about this date), we would like to obtain a piece of muslin as wide as possible, 10′ or 12′ by 28′, so the actors can begin working with the unstarched fabric.  For this we will also need long lengths of sash cord to play with.

The muslin is 10 feet wide and costs  $4 a yard. we also have sash cord available in varying lengths. We need to schedule a time for me to do a knot tying class with the actors and crew. Perhaps at the start of the rehearsal process.

We would like to use three trunks (all already tagged in prop storage), only one of which will have a false bottom and be positioned, tentatively, over a trap downstage center.

John Iacovelli drew up a plan for a projector cart, pyramidal in design, to be made of steel or possibly scrap wood and painted white.  We may need two of these.  Alternatively, we may want to find stools with wheels.  In either case these will have to be able to accommodate a hard drive (unless we can operate them remotely), projector and power strip.

We have discussed the possibility of incorporating rock climbing holds into the playing space.  No official word, yet.

Not thrilled with that idea for safety reasons. please discuss with me before making your final decision.

I am working to provide a preliminary ground plan in electronic form shortly.


Tom ~ What happened to the little green stars we used above the audience for Nest?  Are these available to use?

One is out on loan, but we can get it back if needed


Tom ~ How many slides does the Pani projector accomodate?  Six?  Are there two Pani projectors and can we use one or both for performance in the Wyatt?  Will they be too noisy if mounted in the house?

We are interested in using the auto yoke for a projector if it is available.

A suggestion was made that we would get twice as much throw if a projected image were bounced down off a mirror and onto the canopy.  Would anyone care to elaborate or make a correction?  Does the mirror, then, remain on stage?

Depends on the size of the mirror in relation to the image and distance from the projector. the further you are from the projector, the larger mirror you need to ‘catch ‘ the image to bounce it.

If we can create a cylindrical shape out of the muslin onstage we can potentially project from within the cylinder using a projector cart.  This is not unlike Bill Dudley’s current production of Peter Pan featured in Live Design magazine. Furthermore, we might be able use the Pani projectors to simulate this effect in the Wyatt itself, projecting on areas above the heads of the audience.

There was loose discussion of simulating daylight within and from one of the cheeks to give the space depth.  We may also be able to utilize screens for this.

Environmental video is being taken right now by several filmmakers, to be compiled at a later date.

We will not be able to begin rehearsal filming until the second week of January, when costumes are available.


An inflatable tree has been suggested, possibly to be pulled out of the vaudevillian bottomless trunk.  Concerns range from how it will maintain air pressure quietly to what materials are suitable for its construction (muslin, nylon).  Can it be spandex with a flexible frame, eliminating the need for constant air pressure?

I don’t see how spandex will eliminate the need for constant pressure. we should talk more about what you want the end result to be so we can determine how to get there.

Building on the bottomless trunk idea, we may also want a straight ladder or A-frame (to use for height and pick points) to appear via one of these trunks.

We have only 8′ clearance in the pit, so anything that comes up must fit in there with enough room to allow the trap door to swing, as well as any support structure needed for the crew to operate the effects.


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