The Opening

The opening: I think we need to introduce the projections before we introduce the characters. Don’t have much of an idea on this. Maybe a music montage and then flood every square inch we can with rapid-fire images and land on the press conference w/ Theseus and Hippolyta. Two projectors hit the entire back wall with the primary image. Another projector hits the ceiling with beautiful blue sky and a military jet fly-over. The final projector hits a stand-alone screen with a close up on Hippolyta from a different angle. In the wide shot she looks like Jackie O w/ JFK. In the tight shot, she looks a little nervous. As we’re watching this the lights come up on the stage to reveal Hippolyta looking like something out of Abu Ghriab. Perhaps there is a bit of business where two guards bring her the clothing she wears in the scene we’re watching. A version of Jackie O’s pink suit would be perfect. Theseus enters and watches his captive dress. He talks to her about four days lingering his desires. Here we have to be delicate but I think we need to go after the idea that she’s his to do with as he will. If we spell it out that he rapes her, we’re killing some tension that we need to tell Hermia’s story.


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