Costumes: Hippolyta / Titania


Hippolyta & Titania

The main arc of the Hippolyta character is from captive warrior Queen to dutiful wife. The obvious choice for her costuming while she’s Theseus’s captive is nudity. But maybe there’s something even more humiliating. I have images from Abu Ghraib creeping into my thoughts (see below). In fact, I can’t keep them out right now.

There will be a projected “Press Conference” where she stands behind Theseus looking like Hillary Clinton or Jackie O. Jackie O’s pink suit may be perfect. Or a version of it. There has to be something in stock.

Theseus says: Hippolyta, I wooed thee with my sword and won thy love doing thee injuries, but I will wed thee in another key. With Pomp, with triumph and with reveling.

In the end, however, what’s different? What does she wear for her wedding dress? Could it be a version of Titania’s robe?


JKO 603Pjackie_o_weddingjackie_o_pink_suitjackie_o


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